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Are you working within a budget and do not wish to include a full packing service in Boston? We can assist with only packing supplies specialty and fragile items, like plates, glasses, artwork, mirrors and other valuables. We are also available to pack specific rooms, the kitchen is the most requested room to pack, as there are many breakables and small appliances.


If you choose to pack yourself, we offer Box Delivery Service, with a minimum of $60.

You many choose to order boxes and supplies custom to your needs, or you may choose one of our convenient Pack Kits.

Pack Kits:

Apartment Kit (1-2 Rooms) – $225

Includes: 20 Medium Boxes, 15 Large Boxes, Tape, Tape Dispenser, Bubble Roll, Knife, and Marker.

Small Home Kit (2-4 Bedrooms) – $325

Includes: 25 Small Boxes, 20 Medium Boxes, 15 Large Boxes, Tape, Tape Dispenser, Bubble Roll, Newsprint Bundle, Knife, and Marker

Deluxe Home Kit (5-8 Bedrooms) – $625

Includes: 25 Small Boxes, 40 Medium Boxes, 30 Large Boxes, 5 Wardrobe Boxes, 5 Dishe Boxes, 5 Dish Dividers, Tape, Tape Dispenser, 2 Bubble Rolls, Newsprint Bundle, Knife, and Marker.

Small Box/1.5 CuFt
Medium Box/3.0 CuFt
Large Box/4.5 CuFt
Extra-Large Box/6.0 CuFt
Dish Box
Art Box/24x5x18
Art Box/36x5x30
Art Box/36x6x42
Wardrobe Box + Bar
Table Lamp/Shade/12x12x48
Floor Lamp Base/20x20x36
Twin Mattress Carton
Double Mattress Carton
Queen Mattress Carton
King Mattress Bag
TV Box/19-22
TV Box/23-26
TV Box/32-37
TV Box/40-46
Packing Paper
Pressure Resistant Tape/2″x60 yards

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Frequently Asked

Do you have all the necessary licenses and insurances?

Bell Air Moving Inc. is fully licensed and insured.

US DOT# 817357

MDPU# 31770

UCR# 2016500398792

We carry: Liability.



Available upon request: Certificate of insurance will be sent (emailed or faxed) directly from our Insurance agent to Management Company /Condo Association.

How is the total number of hours rounded?

The total number of hours is rounded up to the next quarter hour.

E.g., if the total move time (labor + travel) was 3 hours and 10 minutes, the charge will be for 3 hours and 15 minutes.

How is the total cost of a local move calculated?

TOTAL COST = (total labor hours + travel time charge) * moving rate + packing materials (if any).

E.g.: A customer is moving from Dedham MA to Natick MA at the rate of 135 $/hr. The move started at 8:00AM and finished at 12:00PM. The travel time charge was 45 minutes (that is 15 minutes to get to the pick-up location + 30 minutes to return to the office from the moving destination). In addition, 6 rolls of tape were used (we provide 2 free rolls, any excess tape used is charged to the customer).

LABOR = (Labor + Travel) * rate = 4 hrs. + 45min. (travel Time) x 135 = $641.25

MATERIALS = 4 rolls of tape * $3.00/roll =$12.00

TOTAL MOVING COST = $641.00 + $12 = $653.25