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Why you need commercial moving services

Commercial moving is more challenging than residential moving. A lot more planning is required to move your company, and that is why it is best to contact and employ the services of experienced and capable movers who are fully licensed commercial movers. These movers will work within your time to ensure your organization is moved and operational in your new location.

If you are within Boston, we at Bell Air Moving are your best choice. We provide organized, efficient and reliable commercial moving services to businesses within Boston, no matter the size. We offer you an extensive range of solution for your unique needs. Our team of professionals can move your offices anywhere in Boston and its environs at the same time ensuring that you have a stress-free move. We guarantee you a swift and efficient service that will save your business time.

We are also fully licensed, certified and insured, and our insurance covers your property during the move.

Office moving services in Boston are required because as your business grows, there will be a need to move to a much bigger and better location. Our Office Moving Services guarantees that your office is moved in an organized and efficient manner. We understand how much attention to detail is required when moving your office and how complex it can be. Our team of professional movers, however, are sure to make the moving as stress-free and painless as possible.

We can move your desks, cabinets, computers and every other thing required of us. All you and your employees will need to do is pack your personal belongings and leave the rest to us. We will disassemble, pack and move your properties to the new location safely.

We do our job quickly and efficiently to ensure that your downtime is minimized. It will enable you to settle down at the appropriate time, resume operation in your new office location, to maintain your productivity levels.

If you are in need of medical and dental office moving services, then you have come to the right place. We have the expertise required for moving the high-value equipment and products used in your medical and dental office. It doesn’t matter if it is the hospital beds, X-ray machine, MRIs, etc., we can handle it. Your equipment is secure with our team of professional and licensed movers who are experts at moving this sensitive equipment. You can be sure that the equipment will be properly handled and they will be safely transported to the new location in the same condition in which they were moved.

We take extreme and proper protective measure when moving this equipment. We also work hand in hand with you on your preference in handling and moving your medical and dental equipment. We are also experts in re-installing and setting up the equipment for you at the new location.

Our packing service in Boston is the right choice as we make the process of transporting your office furniture to your new office location simple. We at Bell Air Moving offers packing services to ensure that no damage is done during the process. We help you move your furniture, including the fragile ones, and your antique furniture pieces carefully.

Our team of movers packs your valuable in special materials, paying particular attention to them and subsequently moving and unloading them in the new location. With our team, you can rest assured that your commercial properties will be packed carefully, accurately and quickly.

We have the right packing supplies for different goods. We pack your furniture using a stretch tape, a bubble wrap, a foam rubber and corrugated cardboard, while your more fragile and antique furniture is specially and carefully packed with a three-layered bubble wrap and trackless tape. After that, they are placed in five-layer cartons. All packed items are then carefully loaded into the dry cargo space of our moving vehicles which we ensure is covered by thick layers of foam to protect the furniture and office equipment from damage.


We at Bell Air Moving are focused on ensuring that you receive commercial moving services at a reasonable price. Our services are not just quality but also affordable and accessible to you even when you have a limited budget. Our affordable rates are however highly competitive.

If you are within Boston and the surrounding areas and you are planning on moving your business and items quickly, safely, and inexpensively, contact us, and we will give you an accurate yet affordable estimate of the cost of your commercial move.


A moving permit, though not required by the City of Boston for the moving truck, is necessary because of the bad traffic within the city. It guarantees that we have a spot to park to avoid getting parking tickets.

We, at Bell Air Moving, will make all the arrangement to get the permit in advance so that we can park our moving vehicle right in front of your new office building. This is to ensure that your properties are protected, as moving them from a long distance may be dangerous.

Our team will handle not only the processing of the permits but also the making of copies of flyers and post them on vehicles and doorways that are within 20 feet radius of our reserved parking spot to ensure that neighbors are aware.

If you are within the city of Boston or its surroundings, contact us at Bell Air Moving and our team of professionals will be available to answer all your questions. We are also willing to provide you with a quote for our services and ensure your office is professionally and promptly moved to your new location.