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What you need to know about moving in Boston this spring

Spring season occurs during the months of March, April, May and the first parts of June, but this year we are seeing cold nights and rainy weather for way too long. It is sometimes rainy or snowy, and it also comes with warm days. At the beginning of April, flowers begin to bloom, turning Boston into a huge garden. Moving during springtime in Boston seems ideal since it is a time that temperature rises. The cold and chilly winter begins to lurk in the horizon, and the sea magnifies the sun.


Moving to Boston from one location to another might seem like an easy enough task, but there are some challenges you will face during your move. Boston is a big city, and big cities always tend to host big events. Before you move in Boston, you must know the times and locations of every major event. The Boston Marathon is an example of such event. It takes place on the third Monday in April, and the course is a wide area of Boston. The course runs through 26 miles, 385 yards following route 135, route 16, route 30 and city streets into the center of Boston. The race track runs through eight towns and cities of Massachusetts including Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline and the city of Boston. It is advisable that you do not move on the day of the marathon. If you do decide to schedule a move on that day, these routes should be avoided.

Another thing you should know is the schedule of the Boston Red Sox. You must know what day they play their home games at Fenway Park during spring. There is usually a lot of traffic during game time. You should find a way to work around the game time if you must move on a game day. Note that this only applies to people moving in that part of the city.


It is also worth mentioning the importance of permits. You will need to procure a parking permit if you intend to facilitate a move in Boston. It is not required by law, but it helps to avoid annoying parking tickets. A standard ticket takes two weeks to process. So, it is advisable to start the online application two weeks before your desired. The standard is usually two reserved parking spaces for one day between 7 am and 5 pm. It is advisable that you post a street sign two days before you move. The spot you wish to reserve must also be an already established parking spot.

One of the helpful moving tips while planning a move in Boston is choosing the right moving service and vehicle. When picking moving services, you have to put into account the price rate and vehicle type. There are many affordable moving services in Boston. They charge less for optimal moving service. You must, however, be conscious of the type of vehicle being used. There are some trucks that might not be able to follow some certain routes. If you do not plan your route with such vehicles in mind, you might lose time and money.

Full service storage units in Boston are also recommended for fragile items and overall storage. Some of these units are climate friendly for maximum efficiency. You will get an array of choices of storage units varying in size. This simply means you can move and just store your property before your actual move to the new place. Storage units also extend to big items like large dining tables, large shelves, TV sets, and home theaters. Another big item could be a piano for instance or any other musical instrument that is large. There are expert piano movers Boston moving services employ that move your pianos safely to the new area.

April showers could be a hindrance to moving during spring. It is no news that April is a wet month and it comes with some disadvantages. It is advisable to find a sunny day to move to avoid any form of damage to your property. If your move falls on a wet day, you should not use an open back delivery vehicle. You should also wrap all your items with waterproof materials. Mud can be problematic during a move. Your mover’s boots would track mud into your new house. A good way to avoid this is to set a staging area where the movers stack your items till they’re ready to move it all in. They just simply need to clean their shoes and continue with the rest of the move.

Some of these tips also apply to Boston to New York movers. Springtime in Boston is usually temperate, wet, sunny, sometimes snowy and cold. Moving during these periods seem comfortable, but you must exercise some degree of precision. You will need to plan your move months ahead. Getting your permits and parking space ready should not be underrated. Checking weather forecasts and event schedules should also be a priority. A move in the city can be made easy with adequate planning. The few tips contained in this article are more than enough for anybody planning a move to see the move go smoothly with minimal hitches.

Now you know what is involved in moving in spring. It’s time to contact expert movers and book an appointment. They will provide you with more information about moving in spring. Making your arrangements with your moving service ahead of time will help eliminate disappointment. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, professional movers will always know what to do.