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Top nine snowbird travel tips

The term snowbird is a word often used to describe people who migrate from the cold climates of the northern United States, southward during winter to places like Florida, Texas, California, Hawaii.

In most cases, snowbirds are retirees who move to Florida or other southern parts of the States after Christmas and stay until March of April before heading back to their home state during the spring.

Some are business owners whose businesses are tied to seasons and can easily be relocated. Some people move because they suffer from winter depression and want to enjoy longer daylight hours.

Most Snowbirds stay in a seasonal rental while some others have condos or homes they live in temporarily. The difference between snowbirds and other tourist is that snowbirds stay much longer.

Some stay for up to six months in their sunny winter homes. Others end up moving to Florida after enjoying the beautiful warm weather making it their retirement home.

Snowbirds avoid winter weather for so many reasons which include; to enjoy a sunny day outside their houses with their loved ones as cold weather restricts healthy habits like jogging, bike riding. A trip on ice can be very dangerous.

According to a study, elderly people in Florida are more than 60 percent of Snowbirds and have excellent health while those who stay in the one place all year round were said to have less desirable health conditions.

The majority of snowbirds traveling to the state come in from Canada. In fact, they have a Canadian snowbird association made up of about 80000 members that serve to protect the rights of Canadian travelers. The Canadian retirees who flock Florida for winter have helped in building a year-round, busy tourism season.

However, economists have predicted a low rate movement of snowbirds from the country as Canadian economy slump against US dollar. The Canadian dollar depreciation might cause snowbirds to pay more for hotels, park tickets, and other expenses. Notwithstanding, it is still freezing there, and that may still drive a lot of people to Florida and other areas along the sun belt of the southern part of United States to enjoy warmer temperature.

Today, the majority of the snowbirds are those between the ages of 45 and 70. These people are known to be wealthy, active and love the snowbird lifestyle.

Moving during winter can be stressful especially when you have to move your entire household. It is sometimes advisable to employ the services of a winter moving specialist to help your winter movement go smoothly. However, if you are driving, you can carry along as much as the car will fit and no more.

Apparently, your means of travel will affect what you take along. If you are going in your recreational vehicle, you might need to pack what makes up a mini-household.

Here are some traveling tips that can be useful during winter movement


Winter can be unpredictable, so it is advisable to check the weather every week leading up to the move. If there are any concerns about the snow shutting down roads or hindering your movement, it is better you delay it rather than get caught up in a snowstorm.


If you are planning on moving some other heavy items that won’t fit into the RV like your car, and you will be shipping them with an auto mover, you should try to book the appointment a few months or weeks in advance. This way, you’ll get a low rate moving cost and to make sure they deliver the items on your desired date.


Carry important documents along with you if necessary. Documents like insurance policies for health, car or any other document relating to your home or rental.

Also, don’t forget to your passport, visa, and other means of identification if you are moving out of the country. Make sure you bring your bank cards and checkbooks as well.


Research the weather of your destination to check the patterns at every time of the day. Some areas might have low temperatures at night, and you might need a sweater in such condition and some area experience heavy downpour in the afternoon which might demand an umbrella.


If you are traveling out of your home country in a bid to avoid winter, consider how the locals in your typical destination dress. You may not want to be known as a foreigner, and there might be a measure of what is proper on different occasions.


Before leaving, find out what is available and what you cannot purchase within your new place. If there are any items you can’t do without and cannot be purchased there, then you might have to take them along with you.


Be acutely aware of what is included in the apartment you are renting before showing up. You might need to bring in something you would need during your stay there.

Also, jot down everything you might need as they come to your mind when you are thinking about your winter home. So you would have done almost all the preparation and packing needed when the time comes to move. Store valuable items that you are not taking with you in a safety box or a bank.


An on and off light switch may be perfect to prevent burglars.


Get someone that can help you clear your sidewalk and driveway after every snowfall to avoid doing the hard work yourself when you get back from your trip.