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Moving seasons - when is a good and bad time to move?

There is no doubt about it, moving is a tedious and difficult exercise. According to a Boston moving company, choosing the wrong time to move makes it even more difficult. This is why you need to choose the best time to move. There are a lot of tips to follow to be able to move easily.


Piano moving requires a lot of care, attention and caution because of the highly delicate nature of piano. If piano is a part of what you intend to move, then you need to follow the tips below strictly. A piano is very heavy and expensive and a little fault can render it completely useless.


Move on a weekday

A renowned furniture moving company advised that it is better to move during the week days as against moving during the weekend. This is because more people move at weekends. Even moving companies charge higher during the weekend.

Moving during the week days will make your moving company focus their attention on you as you may likely be the only one that will enjoy their service that day. There will be no rush. In most part of the world, Friday marks the beginning of weekends. So, consider only Mondays through Thursdays.

However, a lot of people see this as a tip that may not hold for too long. Many people are beginning to adopt the idea of moving during the week days. Soon, the number of people moving during the week days will almost be equal to those moving at weekends.

Move at the middle of the month

For most moving companies, the beginning and end of each month are usually relatively busier for them as people tend to move during that period more. You will be safer if you move at the middle of the month, say any day from the 14th day to the 16th day. Moving companies are usually less busy at this time. Their charges drop around that time. This means all the moving resources will be used for you while you pay less.

Consider the traffic in your route

Another factor that determines your charges is traffic. Moving companies usually consider traffic. So, you should take the time to study the traffic along your moving route. Choose a day with less traffic. If your location is fraught with heavy traffic then you are in a dilemma. Traffic is usually heavier during week days and lighter at weekends. Remember the first tip advises you to move during the weekend. You need to find some kind of balance between the two tips. At this juncture, Friday is your best bet. That way you will avoid a lit bit of week day traffic and you also avoid the busy weekend schedule of moving companies.

Avoid the first and last days

The worst days of the month to move are the first and last days. This is because rent is calculated on calendar months. Most people would like to make the most of their rent by waiting till the end of the month to quit their apartment and also hit their new apartment on the first day of the first month of their new rent.

Avoid moving from May through September

Studies have shown that half of the moves in a year occur between May and September. So, movers charge higher during this period. If you can help it, avoid moving during this period. For the same reason you should avoid moving at weekends.

Avoid moving on general holidays

If you have to avoid moving at weekends you also have to avoid moving during any general holiday. People mostly move at weekends because they won’t be going to work. This is the same reason they move at general holidays too.

Consider moving at summer if you have kids

If you have kids, the best time to move is summer when your kids will be on holidays. They will be able to help during moving your stuffs into the mover’s truck and also help to move them from the truck into your new home. They will also help in the arrangement.

It might also be too difficult for you to combine the activities of your relocation with helping them to do their homework and dropping/picking them in/from school. Most importantly, your kids will need some days to settle down in your new home before school begins whether it is still their old school or a new one.

You need to consider the prevailing weather

Moving is usually difficult when it is raining or in a cold weather. So, you need to listen to weather forecast for a few days ahead. This will help minimize the chances of a sudden rain trapping you on the road.

Apart from the time and season, there are other things to do to make your move more organized and easy. Start removing your fittings days earlier. Separate items you won’t need until you reach your new apartment. You can pack them together. Waiting till the movers are around before removing all your fittings will make your moving rather chaotic. Some items will get missing and some will definitely get broken. You will also waste your mover’s time. It is better to have a checklist to follow.

Call your utility companies to let them know exactly when you intend to leave so they can shut the utilities off. You need to inform them several days ahead. If you don’t you might forget to do so on your departure date. You will definitely be billed for services you did not use.