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Moving from boston to florida for the winter

Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts. It is host city to thousands of exciting things to do—museums, nightlife, dining and galleries. The city is exciting and a great place to live. There is a catch though.

In winter Boston can be difficult. Winters are described as periods of “intense cold” with “freezing rain” and “chilly temperatures”. If you aren’t used to winters from the east coast, it may be a bit much to handle. Even if you are used to them, you may want some respite from the winter months.

It normally sets in around November when temperatures start to decline. It’s common to see dips to the mid- to high- forties. Of course December and January bring the low-twenties and February isn’t much better. March climbs to the thirties and it isn’t until April that the forties come back. So for about four months the weather is less than optimum. So what can you do?


Many Boston residents are opting for the solution of temporarily taking up residence in Florida. Who wouldn’t? Florida is known as “The Sunshine State” for good reason. From March through September the average temperature during the day is at around 78-degrees and the average during the night is about 56-degrees. Of course there are some exceptions with highs in the mid-90s during July and August, but for those who are used to harsh winters elsewhere, it’s like paradise.

One of the most convenient ways of handling a Boston winter is to head to Florida for the winter months. It is an affordable and convenient option, plus it saves you from the harsh conditions. Just think- no snow shoveling, no thick coats, no long-johns, no engine-block heaters, no driving in ice and no trudging in sleet. For many Bostonians this is a prayer answered.


One thing that holds people back from moving temporarily is the interstate moving aspect. They are concerned about packing up their things, hauling them to a new location, and setting up their homes in a different state. The good news though is that this is made highly efficient with affordable moving companies that manage interstate moving. All you need is a reputable mover who can manage the relocating for you.

Of course you also get the fun of finding a temporary location. There are many people in Florida who rent out their homes for the express purpose of giving east-coast residents a break from the weather. Usually they have to schedule by the week, or month. There is a huge convenience of renting by the season because it saves them the hassle of having to find renters to book up their property. With one family moving for the season, their home is always rented.

Interstate moving is also made easier if its only temporary. Rather than having to move all of your things, you’ll only need to bring your necessities. Plus, you’ll need a few jackets but the majority of your transport is going to be summer clothing that is much lighter.


If you choose moving from Boston to Florida as your way to manage the east-coast winter, then you’re not alone. Many people are making the decision to do the same. Most are lifelong Boston residents who just want a break. They know the wonderment of the winter and they are ready for the wonderment of summer. Considering that “winters” in Florida can bring lows of 35-degrees, they likely love the change. So how do you get your move going?

First of all, be sure to find a Florida homeowner who is renting. Ask for pictures and a leasing agreement. In the agreement, be sure that all details of the transaction are included. What utilities are you responsible for? When is rent due? What appliances are you allowed to use? What if an appliance breaks? What emergency numbers are you provided with? Does their insurance allow for renters and long-term stays? Be sure to ask as many questions as possible to protect yourself.

Once you find the location you’re moving to, it’s time to start thinking about how you will be moving. Are you going to hire an intrastate moving company? Are you driving down? Are you flying down? When you get there, what transportation will you have? Do you need to drive to bring your own things to Florida? What about activities—how can you find fun activities for the stay? These are questions to get you going and make your stay that much more fun when you arrive.

Finally, consider who is going and their individual needs. If you have children be sure to pack their favorite clothes, toys, stuffed animals and books. If you have animals, be sure to bring their food. Remember that some items you may need for your children and pets may be local and not accessible in other parts of the country. Your best bet is to do research on the “must haves” for everyone in your family and make sure they are readily available in stores out of state.


Moving from Boston to Florida can be a lifesaver. If you’re tired of harsh and cold winters that Boston has to offer, then it may be time to look into relocating temporarily throughout the winter to Florida. The weather is perfect, the activities available there are fun and you likely will want to do the same thing next winter!