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Commercial moving - how to minimize downtime

Office moving can be downright stressful especially when you fail to choose an experienced, professional office moving company that can easily handle the job for you. Apart from the fact that things can easily get out of place, business activities can even go topsy-turvy during office removals.

One critical aspect of any commercial relocation is the need for a quick and efficient office move. Generally, this kind of moving can potentially put your business at a standstill which can negatively affect a business.

Apart from employing the services of a well-trained and experienced moving company, there are still certain things you need to consider to avoid stagnation and minimize costly company downtime. Early preparation for the relocation also plays an important role especially when it comes to dental office moving.

So, here is how to minimize downtime and avoid getting out of business.


As a key to any successful and organized office move, there is the need for an adequate preparation. This cannot be done all alone, you need to consult with your team, as well as the removalist to establish a concrete move plan. In order to ensure the safe arrival of your office contents at the correct destination, your move plan must include labeling instructions, packing schedules with information how-to guides, and move dates.

Ensure to provide the moving company with a detailed inventory of all the materials and equipment that you want to relocate. Preferably, this should be done during the consultation period. These are the details your removalist needs to work with so as to ensure a quick and smooth relocation process.

Getting things done in time

Before the actual removal day, it is important to ensure that every necessary activity is done in the new location beforehand. This include

–              Getting facilities and documents set up

–              Ensuring that the telephone lines are working

–              Ensuring that the internet is enabled

–              Ensuring that the pantries are stocked

–              Ensuring that there is electricity

These can go a long way in helping everyone go about their daily responsibilities without any hitches when they show up at the new office the next working day.


In order to ensure a successful move, you need to get involved with movers that can provide professional moving services. An experienced removalist can help you monitor and execute removals by assigning you to professional coordinators or consultants who will establish a workable move plan. Usually, they do this by consulting with your team and performing a walk-through of the facilities. Through this, everyone gets to know their responsibilities.

While someone may be assigned to direct and supervise the activities of the removals team, your employees are charged with the responsibility of handling their own desk spaces and performing other performing other personal duties. You stand to gain more opportunity to focus on your core business processes if the required permits and approvals necessary to carry out the removals operation are rightly taken care of by them.

Let a team be assigned to oversee the office removal

It’s one thing to hire a professional mover and it’s another thing to move professionally. Sometimes, your moving company may not really understand why and how you want to set up things in the new location. So, it’s highly important to get involved in the removal process. A good way to do this is by assigning someone from the office who knows exactly what needs to be done to direct the moving process.

Assigning a team to oversee every step of the office removal process helps to ensure a streamlined business move. Having an internal employee oversee the job can help in ensuring orderliness, as they would be better at directing removalists away from ongoing discussions or important meetings taking place at the time of removals.

Know when to move

A lot of removals companies offer weekend and after hours removals. In a bid to minimize the impact of unforeseen obstacles, your moving company may recommend a phased approach. Depending on the size of your organization are different ways of getting the job done. If you are considering furniture moving over the weekend, so as not to obstruct commercial activities during the normal work week, then you need to assign one or two staff to help supervise the move over the weekend.

Office machines moving can also be performed during the day, as most removals companies have the necessary tools and equipment needed to get the job done. Things tend to be done much easier and quicker when medical equipment moving is performed after office hours. This is because there is be no one walking about and getting in the way of the movers.

Make use of the right equipment

You can greatly experience low downtime when the right equipment is used to move your office contents. As a matter of fact, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your moving company is fully equipped with the right equipment needed to protect, lift, move, and transport your business equipment and furniture safely.

Most professional moving companies have a well-trained staff that is well experienced on how to use building protection to prepare and protect the two locations (origin and destination). It is highly important to wrap and protect all equipment and furniture with pads and shrink wrap. When it comes to medical equipment moving, safety is of utmost importance.

Obviously, downtime is inevitable during office removals. However, this can be drastically minimized to the barest minimum by ensuring the following the above-mentioned tips.