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5 Benefits of hiring Boston moving companies off-peak

Around 43 million people will relocate this year in the US. Of those, around 17.2 million will relocate for a job (40%), another 18.06 million for personal reasons (42%), and the last 7.74 Million for military purposes (18%). While some have control of where or when they move, others are guided by circumstance. Many of these people hire personal or office moving professionals to simplify the process.

If you happen to find yourself in the control category, you might consider the benefits of off-peak moving in Boston. Peak season runs during the spring and summer while off-peak typically runs during the fall and winter. Spring and summer may sound ideal to most but choosing to move during peak season can result in more discomfort, longer waits, and higher rates.

Here are 5 benefits of the off-peak season to consider when hiring a moving company in Boston.

1. Lower Cost

As you begin looking at hiring for your next move, one thing that often stands out is the price. Most companies will charge less during off-peak than they will typically charge for a peak season. This is due to the increase in demand during summer over the slower winter operation. If you’re really on a budget, you can save as much as 30% off the normal cost during off-season normal pricing. Additionally, you can take advantage of coupons and discounts that moving companies offer on top of the lower off-peak pricing. For bonus savings, try to pack yourself and save on the cost of having the pros do it for you.

2. Cooler Weather

It has been proven that people actually work better during the cooler seasons and under cooler conditions. Moving heavy furniture once, or light boxes many time can mean a lot of perspiration. Heat can increase the likeliness of conflicts arising and taxes energy. Rather than slowing down movers, cooler weather helps to make them more efficient. People naturally conserve energy during the cooler seasons and exert it only as needed.

3. Safer conditions

No, this doesn’t mean the road that they’ll be driving on, unfortunately. What it does mean is that, despite dry roads and clear visibility, one-third of annual fatalities occur during just one-quarter of the year from June to August. With those dry roads come riskier drivers who are more willing to speed or cut across lanes more carelessly and in the process, risk your entire household. Aside from the cargo insurance, your belongings will cruise down the highway more safely as speeds tend to be slower and damage is less from accidents that do occur. Avoid the bikes and classic cars, RV’s traveling, and tractors and trucks threatening your valuable items by choosing to relocate during the winter.

4. Faster Deliveries

Most people believe that summer is the best time to travel while others are required to travel during the summer peak season. As a result, mover’s calendars are filled and fewer options are available to get the move done at a time most convenient to you. It’s been proven that people work physically and mentally better under cooler conditions as they work to conserve energy. As a result, your movers will be on top of their best game at the time you’re ready to get going. If you’re really looking to have it done, save time on top of your dollars by pre-packing. This allows you to rid yourself of any unwanted items whereas packers will bring the junk to the new location.

5. Get more Attention

If you’re looking to hire a furniture moving company and want that ‘extra care’ package, Boston moving companies are usually able to give you the most attention during the off-peak season. Throughout the summer and especially during peak, companies, and their movers are inundated with requests and questions. If you have an immediate need, you’ll be more likely to get the company’s attention if you’re able to connect when they’re not already busy. Additionally, many companies hire temporary workers who have less investment than their full time and permanent counterparts. Full-time employees not only worry about keeping their income, but many take a high level of pride in their work. Additionally, the company won’t be dealing with as many consumers and will be available for any questions, comments, or concerns you have for your particular move.

Bonus – Best Results

As you prepare for your move, you might be selecting the off-season for any of the above-mentioned reasons. That said, one tip highly recommended to add to those benefits is to pack yourself. Between saving money, saving time, and letting go of old and unnecessary items, packing can really benefit the end results and the new beginning. That said, packing or finding the time just to do that isn’t always so simple. Here are some quick tips to help with the task:

•             If you like to watch television, pull a box in with some of your items in that room and pack while you watch.

•             Pack by room, not by item type. You’ll gain a headache before you gain proficiency attempting to categorize each item. Pack up the room for easy loading and unloading findability.

•             Get rid of things. Make it a point not to bring unnecessary junk.

•             Pack like Tetris and organize your boxes efficiently so there are fewer trips.

•             Take notes of what you pack. Tape boxes and keep a notepad as it will help you keep track of items and assist with the unpacking process.

You’ll rest easier knowing that the wait will be worthwhile if you do go for the off-peak season move. Everyone moves for different reasons and has different needs when they do. Whether you’re looking for flexibility in schedule, cost, convenience or attention, be sure to look hard at the benefits of moving during the off-peak season.