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10 Tips to help you move effectively to a new home

Moving can be a stressful task that a lot of people try to avoid. Thinking of the whole process of removing everything that is in your home and relocating to another location can be mind-wrecking. However, sometimes, moving to a new place is inevitable.

Here are a few tips to make that move quick and stress-free:

1. Get Storage Units in Boston

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s better to reiterate the obvious. Get boxes of various sizes for the different items that need to be packed. It covers things like family or individual portraits, trophies, souvenirs, tokens and those objects that hold sentimental value but can easily get misplaced or destroyed. Also, make sure the boxes are labeled accordingly. That way, your fragile ornaments don’t get placed beneath the dining table. Boxes can be labeled when moving fragile items Boston. Discs, DVD’s and novels can be put in the same box while another can contain clothes from the wardrobe. It makes it easy to know where to place all the boxes.

2. Start Planning Weeks Ahead

Don’t wait for the night before the move to start packing the silverware into a box. Plan weeks or even months before the move. Make sure the boxes are packed, know which furniture goes to the new location and which gets left behind or sold. It would also help to keep a checklist to make sure that nothing is forgotten during or after the move. Include in your checklist a reminder to empty the trash and clean out the refrigerator.

3. Confirm the Destination

Know exactly where you will be going, the route you’ll be passing, and who will be waiting for you at the other end. Unless everything you have can go into one moving van, it would be wise to have someone at the waiting end to receive the first items. A family member or friend can fill this vacuum. The phone numbers of the movers should also be in your address book, and if no one is following the van, a tracking method should be provided.

Also, make sure that the movers have a Boston moving truck permit.

4. Confirm the Moving Rate in Boston

A lot of factors come into play when getting the actual cost for moving or relocation to a new place. Some movers charge based on the weight of the items (weighing the moving van), the distance to the destination, and what day the moving is scheduled to occur. Others charge by volume, and a few have a fixed cost. Take time and look at various moving companies and what they charge before making a decision.

5. Check the Weather

For a renowned moving company, moving at specific times of the year may attract a different amount at other times of the year. It will be advantageous to know what the movers charge at different times of the year. In other words, confirm their peak and off-peak periods. Also, knowing what the weather will be like during the day of moving can come in handy.

6. Discontinue All Subscriptions

No! It does not mean stopping internet or satellite subscription. Stop all magazine subscriptions and every subscription that are home delivery based. Also, notify all billing companies about the move and also stop utilities like electric, water, and gas.

7. Be Prepared

Make sure all switches are off, blinders and windows shut and water pipes locked. Keep in mind that the day of the move will be hectic and time-consuming so prepare ahead. Get a container or box for the first night in the new house. Take-outs can be ordered or something prepared before the move for your family to eat. Night clothes and toothbrushes should also be kept close or separately from the packed boxes.

8. Be Insured

While this may not be deemed essential, it is useful to insure the furniture and items that are being transported during the move. It protects you in case they get damaged or lost. Some moving companies offer this incentive. You should consider it when considering a company.

9. Investigate Before you Choose

Getting the right moving company seals the deal. It can either make your move a pleasant one or a frustrating ordeal from a cheap horror flick. Make sure the moving group has a good reputation and, where possible, ask for referrals or talk to friends and family concerning this. Weigh the option of cheap moving companies and reputable ones.

10. Hire Affordable Movers Boston

It is where we come in. At Bell Air Moving, we can eliminate the stress associated with moving to a new home. We are the most reliable movers in Boston, Ma. If you have a piano in your home, then you should consider our piano moving Boston to ensure a safe and secure transportation. There aren’t capable piano movers Boston area Ma that will do the job as good as we will.

Our moving services can include packing and unpacking, moving, loading and unloading, and arranging furniture depending on your quote.

Moving to a new house can be disorienting and traumatic, especially when children are involved or attachment has developed during your stay in the house. To make sure that the move is not traumatic for the children, try as much as possible to make them involved in the moving process. Let them label their boxes and pack their items. It would be great to also prepare them mentally for the move. Discuss weeks ahead with the children. If done right, the children will see the move as an adventure.

Remember that the key to having a stress-free moving experience is planning and researching for the right moving company. Plan ahead and have your checklist ready.

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